Maintenance service for valves & actuators

Each product has its own maintenance program and pricing according to the agreement
  • The actuator / valve and the economical viability of its refurbishment is assessed.
  • Scrapping of a malfunctioning actuator is agreed separately. We can provide a replacement product to replace the actuator/valve.
Maintenance program:
  1. Valve / Actuator evaluation
  2. Dismantling of the valve/actuator
  3. Inspection of electronic components
  4. Washing parts
  5. Replacement of bearings, seals and other parts
  6. Product assembly
  7. Product lubrication
  8. Testing
  9. Replacement of deviating parts will be offered separately by agreement
Sealing kits for valves

Sealing kits are available for all DN dimensions of Maper valves.

  • Sealing kit DN 10
  • Sealing kit DN 15
  • Sealing kit DN 20
  • Sealing kit DN 25
  • Sealing kit DN 32
  • Sealing kit DN 40
  • Sealing kit DN 50
  • Sealing kit DN 65
  • Sealing kit DN 80
  • Sealing kit DN 100

Maintenance service

Please ask from our customer service (email: offer for maintenance service.