Maper Valves & Actuators

We manufacture and supply pneumatic & mechanical actuators and high-quality Maper valves.

“Maper has manufactured its high quality valves since 1978. Quality is the key element for Maper’s products. Due to our specialization over the years, we are one of the world’s leading valve and actuator manufacturers for the pulp & paper industry.”

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maper valves
Ball valves

Maper has specialized in manufacturing ball valves from its own standard Maper components. Product design and development are the key factors when we tailor our valve solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Our acid-proof valves are also suitable for applications with corrosive substances or where external corrosion environment exists.

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Bottom valves

The Maper acid-proof bottom valve is intended for use in the bottom of the tank with a flange connection. Maper bottom valves are available in two different pressure and size classes.

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You can also check out our valves at our datasheet page

Valve / Actuator assemblies


The most typical actuator for rotary ball valves is a pneumatic actuator. It is either double acting, in which case the compressed air bot closes and opens the valve, or single acting (so called spring return), in which case, when the pressure is lost, the closing spring of the actuator either opens or closes the valve. All rotary electric actuator models on the market are suitable for Maper ball valves. A switch (mechanical or inductive) is available for every actuator option.

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