Everything You Need to Know About Valves

Valves are a key part of many industrial processes and piping systems, and more complex systems often overshadow their importance. This Valve ABC article provides clarity and understanding of the basic concepts of valves and opens up the world of these essential components.

What is a Valve?

A valve is a device that controls the flow of liquid or gas in a pipeline. It can act as a closing gate or a channel and can be used to regulate the flow precisely.

Two-way Valve

A two-way valve is the simplest type of valve that allows or closes the flow between two different points. Two-way valves are used in applications where basic flow control is required. These valves are an integral part of a variety of industries, including refrigeration systems, fluid transfer, and process industries. 

Three-way Valve

A three-way valve is a type of valve that allows the flow of a liquid or gas to be controlled or mixed between three different paths. It usually consists of a movable part, such as a ball, cone or disc, which can open or close different flow paths. Three-way valves are widely used in applications where precise flow control or mixing of liquid or gas in different proportions is required. These valves can be found in many industries such as the chemical, heating systems and process industries.

Manual Valve

Manual valve means a valve that is manually operated, usually using a handle or lever. This gives the user direct control over the flow regulation.

Actuated Valve

An actuated valve, on the other hand, refers to a valve equipped with an automatic actuator. These are used in automated processes where precise and dynamic control is required.

T-Drilling and L-Drilling

T-drilling and L-drilling are ways of changing the way valves are adjusted and flow. T-drilling means that the T-drilled ball of the valve allows flow in three directions, while the L-drilling is at a 90 degree angle inside the valve relative to the piping.

Pressure Valves

Pressure valves are valves that react automatically to changes in pressure. These valves open when a certain pressure is reached, preventing excessive pressure from building up in the system.

Bottom Valves

Maper’s acid-proof bottom valves are intended for installation, for example, as a flange connection at the bottom of a tank. Automated or manual bottom valves are suitable for different needs.

Ball Valves

A ball valve has a ball in the center of the valve which quickly allows or stops the flow. Their fast action makes them ideal for applications requiring quick shut-offs. Low flow resistance makes them efficient for high flow needs. Manual or automated operation allows versatile integration with various systems.

Safety Valves

Safety relief valves are safety components that protect the system from overpressure. They open automatically and release the pressure when it reaches a critical level.

Valves in Manufacturing

Valves are needed in many industries to control and regulate flow. Here are some examples:

Paper and Board Industry

Valves are an essential part of the paper and board industry’s processes, where precise flow control is essential.

Process Industry

In process industries such as the chemical and petrochemical industries, valves are crucial. They can control the flow of chemicals and other substances, ensure safety and optimize production processes.

Power Plants

In power plants, valves are widely used to control the flow of steam, gas and water. Manual and actuated valves can provide precise control and operation in different parts of power plants.

Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, valves are an essential part of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, especially in those processes that require sterile conditions. They ensure accurate dosing and prevent contamination.

These examples show how valves are essential in many sectors and how different types of valves are used for different needs. Their versatility and range of applications make them an indispensable part of the industrial infrastructure.

What is Maper?

Maper Oy distinguishes itself in the market by manufacturing high-quality demountable and acid-proof ball valves as well as fine mechanical control and actuating devices. Our expertise is particularly evident in our assembly solutions, which integrate seamlessly into demanding valve and actuator assemblies.

For our customers in the paper and board industry, process industry, equipment manufacturers, or valve manufacturers, we offer tailor-made solutions. Maper’s commitment to technical excellence and customer-oriented service makes us a trusted partner for high-quality and innovative valve and actuator solutions. By choosing Maper, customers can expect durable, high-performance, and integrable products that fully meet their business needs.

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