As the world becomes increasingly aware of the challenges facing the environment and society, corporate responsibility and commitment to sustainability are becoming increasingly central. At Maper, we understand this and are committed to acting responsibly in all our business activities.

Environmentally Friendly Products and Sustainable Production

The products we make at Maper are designed to last. We strive to reduce our environmental impact in our manufacturing process and continuously invest in the development of sustainable production. Because our valves are fully demountable and serviceable, they last for decades at best. The overall life cycle of our products is therefore enormously long. Read more about valve maintenance in our previous blog article.

All metal waste generated during manufacturing is efficiently separated and recycled. We aim to minimize the amount of waste and maximize the recycling rate in all our operations. The manufacturing process generates a small amount of wood and packaging waste. Stainless metal scrap is sold to an operator who uses it to make new metal.

Social Responsibility

At Maper, we value the well-being and long-term commitment of our employees. We invest in employee training, health, and safety to ensure a working environment where everyone can thrive. Employees are also insured on behalf of the company through a leisure accident insurance policy. Our management culture is built on a foundation of openness and trust, creating an atmosphere free of pressure and urgency. The goods move, but employees always have time to talk to each other. This hassle-free atmosphere is the result of a long tradition of working in a peaceful method.

The long-term commitment of our employees is also a sign of well-being at work. The employees of our team of less than 10 people have all been with the company for 10 to 20 years, which is rare today. Even after a change of ownership, employees have stayed with Maper.

Ethical business is a core value for us. We respect all our stakeholders and always act honestly, fairly, and responsibly. We also participate in charitable activities wherever possible. For example, we have provided reflective vests for first graders as part of a campaign.

Financial Responsibility

Long-term customer relationships are strongly linked to social responsibility but are also a major economic asset. We hold on to our customers because losing an existing customer costs much more than getting a new one. Products are inspected in detail before sale, quality control is very important to us. In extremely rare cases, defective products that end up in the customer’s hands are fairly replaced.

ISO 9001

As concrete proof of our responsible approach, we have been awarded the ISO 9001 certificate, which is proof that we operate a quality management system aimed at continuous improvement of the company’s performance and customer satisfaction. For more information about the certificate, please visit the ISO 9001 website.

By working together and committing to responsible business, we are creating a more sustainable future.

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